Evolving technology and improving financial literacy

Let's enrich the world by improving the financial literacy of the world and the evolution of technology.


QP Capital operates a high-return fund with minimal risk.

Complete risk management system

Maintaining profitability on a continuous basis

Electronic application of required documents by technology


We are customer first.

We propose the optimal asset management based on the customer's request, so we can recommend the service with confidence.

QP Capital doesn't lend you money and forget about you, they are sincerely interested in your business. Their ultimate goal is to make your business prosper.

— Booker T.

Founder, SkySoft Digital


Experts at your service.


Madison Wilson

Relationship Manager


Darius Okoye

Assets Evaluator

How we compare?

QT Capital
Foo Invest
Bar Capital
Zero Paperwork
Instant Approval
No-Cost EMIs
Flexible Tenure

Over $500k approved & funded the same day.

To qualify for funding your business needs to be at least a year old. You should have revenues of $30,000 annually or $2,500 per month over the last three months.