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New era app has branch offices and group companies all over the world, many excellent engineers and traders belong to it, and they have been successful in FX and EA contests. Recently, I am developing a system specialized in investment that is focusing on application development.The average monthly interest rate is 25%.

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Investment app MIX first landed in Japan!!

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Just register on the MIX app from the QT official line!

Eliminate the anxiety of pension life with smart investment that thoroughly eliminates risks with market forecasting using AI and financial engineering.

An excellent thing that you can open an account of a securities company just by registering in the application and depositing investment money It is also an excellent thing that you can simplify the troublesome work so far because you can also make deposits and withdrawals within the application.

This app automatically creates a portfolio from a wide variety of financial products based on the theory of relativity calculated by AI financial engineering under the protrader monitoring.

Safety initiatives

Major financial institution Investment by venture capital

Large financial institutions and Funded by Venture Capital.