Term of Service

※For users of EA provided by our company

About the period of use of EA

As a general rule, the free EA usage period is 6 months. If you wish to continue using the EA after that, you will need to purchase or lease the EA on a monthly basis.

After six months of use, the EA will be stopped and the positions held will be closed.

In that case, we will not be responsible for any profit or loss caused by the forced settlement of the position.

Depending on the exchange you use, your withdrawal request may not be approved while holding a position.

If you wish to close out your position for withdrawal, please apply for settlement from the designated settlement link.

Please note that as a rule, we do not accept settlement requests made less than 3 months after the start of use.

48 hours after the position is settled, the EA will restart and hold the position. So if you need to withdraw your money, please do so within 48 hours.

As a rule, position settlement is limited to once a month, and the settlement date cannot be specified.

There will be a time lag between the settlement request and the execution of the settlement, but we will not be responsible for any profit or loss caused by market fluctuations.

Thank you for your understanding.